At Longworth Orthodontics patients have the choice of orthodontic treatment with the Invisalign technique or conventional braces.

The Invisalign system has been in clinical studies since 1997. It has been proven effective in both clinical research and in practices nationwide. So whether your teeth are crowded, too far apart or have shifted since wearing braces before, you will have a new reason to smile. The latest technology designed by Invisalign makes it possible.

Conventional braces are the brackets and wires that orthodontists have used for many years to move teeth. Brackets are attached to the teeth and are intended to stay on until treatment is completed. Brackets are available in your choice of styles. We carry four varieties, clarity, silver and gold self ligating.

Clarity braces– Is the most popular among our adults and older teens. It virtually “disappears” in your mouth. The patient enjoys a comfortable design along with an attractive, translucent appearance, which is less noticeable, then the standard brackets. Clarity gives the patient a confident smile from day one.

Silver braces- A popular bracket choice among children and teens. The patient enjoys the option of color changes when the elastics are retied during each ortho appointment. Many of our patients change colors with the season, holiday or special occasions. Those in sports or cheerleading often choose their school colors.

Gold braces– This type is the most vibrant of them all. The rich gold tone appears as jewelry on the teeth. Some patients refer to this appliance as their “grill.”

Self ligating– This option has an “active clip,” built into the bracket and the product is known as In-Ovation. This product is available in two styles: silver and clear. Conventional braces require metal wire or elastic ties to hold the arch wires in place. With In-Ovation you have less adjustment appointments or chair time because of the bracket having its own clip built into it.

Here are some basics about orthodontic treatment:

Why choose orthodontic treatment? Whether you’re 12, or 25, or over 40, professional orthodontic care has been proven to greatly enhance oral hygiene, oral health and overall confidence. Orthodontic treatment is a wise investment not only in your personal appearance, but also in good health.

You should start by seeing an orthodontist.

To be certain to receive the maximum benefits from treatment, you should seek a free consultation to discuss your smile. The initial consultation takes approximately thirty minutes. Because some orthodontic cases are more severe than others, you will get an oral exam to find out what is going on with your smile. We will discuss what options you have to correct it. Finally we will give you an estimate for our services.

We welcome you to see us for a 2nd opinion! Not all Orthodontists treat cases the same way. If you have been told you need surgery or permanent teeth removed you should seek another opinion. Dr. Longworth has approximately 35 years of experience in the orthodontic field and believes that he is the most conservative when it comes to surgical procedures and removing permanent teeth.

Patients often seek another orthodontist’s opinion to discuss other options if they are told they need extractions of permanent teeth or jaw surgery. Many of our patients seeking second opinions are pleased to find out they can be treated at our office without removing permanent teeth and without costly surgical procedures.

Here are a couple of examples of how using a special appliance along with braces can resolve some issues and allow you to avoid surgery or extractions:

Sometimes a patient simply needs an expander appliance in addition to braces to make the upper jaw large enough to accommodate all of their teeth (if it was under developed), or to correct a crossbite condition. The patient is able to keep their permanent teeth.

When a patient has an under developed lower jaw a Herbst appliance can be used to help with lower jaw development.